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Women's character

A new line of accessories has been born. Eva Creations is the culmination of a creative process resulting from many years of experience in the world of fashion and design. 

Francesca, the founder and stylist of Eva Creations, expresses herself through her original artwork blending the free spirit of Italian fashion with British flair and charm.

Her work is the natural evolution from creating accessories for personal use to starting designing unique and original handbags and shawls for women with self-confidence and personality, who want to express themselves through personalised creations. 

A handbag is not just another accessory. It becomes part of our persona. It is part of our everyday life but it’s also important for special occasions. We express ourselves through our choice of bags, conveying our personality. 

But as proud as Eva creation is of their handbags and shawls,  they know that no accessory can overshadow a woman. They believe that ”the smile is the most beautiful thing a woman can wear”, and what's better than a beautiful accessory to make her smile? 

The new line of handcraft is designed by expert hands. It has elegance, is light and rich in detail,  and above all is unique in its style.

Every Eva Creations product has a strong distinctive character and establishes an emotional relationship with the customer. The strength of the natural elements can be appreciated in the elegant presentation. The elements of nature and the variety of women’s personalities are a starting point for many designs. Like women, each design is unique, contradictory, passionate, romantic and bold.

The entire line is dedicated to women, their beauty and complexity. Oozing freedom, versatility and glamour, Eva creations accessories make you want to take risks, influence your surroundings and leave your mark on the world.